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Credits:24 Hours TCOLE Credit


Leadership is a blend of competence and character. Competence – knowing what to do and how do it – is the primary focus of most training academies, books and leadership seminars. Character is rarely addressed. Yet, whether in the civilian world or in law enforcement, most individuals and leaders don’t fail because they don’t know WHAT to do and HOW to do it. They fail because they make poor choices when their character is tested. How do you develop your character and the character of the people you are responsible for leading at work and at home?  Courage, Humility, Integrity, Selflessness, Duty and Positivity are the essential Habits of Character a leader and an agency can and must develop. 

Based on the Amazon Best-Seller: Becoming a Leader of Character Six Habits that Make or Break a Leader at Work and at HomeThis three-day workshop teaches how to become an officer of character, how to improve communication through courageous communication and how to lead a team of character. 

The workshop consists of lecture, participation-based exercises and real-life case studies.


During the workshop you will:

  • Learn how character is built in ourselves and in the officers we are called to lead.
  • Define the six Habits of Character – Courage, Humility, Integrity, Selflessness, Duty and Positivity – and how to exercise them in the law enforcement world. 
  • Learn how to communicate more efficiently and resolve conflict by understanding different personality types. 
  • Learn how to coach with character and develop coaching plans for different personality types.
  • Learn how these Habits of Character create not just compliant employees but committed followers who make wise decisions even when the leader is absent. 


Tuition includes handouts, a copy of the Amazon Best-Seller: Becoming a Leader of Character and a DISC personality assessment. Lodging and meals are excluded.

  • $510

Who Should Attend

This training Is for sworn and civilian personnel who are wanting to improve their leadership skills.


Dave Anderson is a West Point graduate and a decorated combat veteran. He earned a Bronze Star during Operation Desert Storm.

Along with co-authoring the Amazon Best Seller – Becoming a Leader of Character

Dave has authored more than 500 articles on leadership and culture on his website.

Since 2017, Dave has personally led over 300 law enforcement professionals from 20 plus agencies through his Officers and Agencies of Character seminars in the state of Texas. He was also the keynote speaker at the 2018 US Marshal Service Leadership Conference attended by every Marshal and Chief Deputy in all 92 US Districts.

Dave spent 20 years in multi-national Fortune 50 Company. He spent 15 years in various leadership positions earning that company’s highest sales leadership award 4 times in an 8-year period. 


8:00 am - 5:00pm

TCOLE Credit

Law enforcement personnel attending this course are eligible for twenty-four (24) hours of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) credit. Many out-of-state participants find their states enjoy a reciprocal training agreement with Texas.


Occasionally, the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration (ILEA) may be forced to cancel a scheduled program. Whenever possible, the decision to cancel is made at least fourteen days prior to the start of the program, and registered participants are notified once that decision has been made. If the distance to the training site requires that you make airline and/or hotel reservations, please contact ILEA (+1.972.244.3430) to inquire about the status of any program before making travel arrangements. While paid registrations in cancelled courses will be refunded in full, ILEA will not be responsible for monetary loss due to cancellations or changes in airline or hotel reservations.


The Institute for Law Enforcement Administration provides professional education and technical support to the law enforcement community. 

A registrant in an ILEA program must be a sworn officer; a civilian employee of a law enforcement department; or an employee of a municipal, county or state agency.

Anyone interested in attending an ILEA program who does not meet the above standard requirements will need to request advance approval. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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