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Judy Pal, who has been on both sides of the media relations aisle, brings perspectives from real world experiences as a PIO and as a news reporter. Judy will deliver an impactful program designed to help you with planning your message to shape your community’s perception of your department; guide you through the foundation of media relations and the interview process. You will learn the difference and importance of communicating in crisis and how to effectively use social media to support your agency’s brand.

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  • $595 per person

Daily Topics

  • Day 1 - Perception, Planning and the News Media
    Participants will learn about trust, perception, image, value attribution, image-makers, target audiences and the basic tenants of traditional news media. Learn the importance of communications plans and proactively pitching stories to help shape your community’s perception of police.
  • Day 2 - Media Relations & the Interview Process
    Focus will be on the foundation of media relations - the importance of words in release of information, the interview preparation process, determining audiences, creating a key messaging strategy using the CAP and PEP principles, and learning how to effectively bridge to ensure key messages are communicated.
  • Day 3 - Crisis Communications
    Focus will be on the unique set of challenges in communicating in crisis and how communicating during a crisis is different from regular media relations. The challenge of the media-victim attraction and the importance of key messaging keeping all target audiences in mind is explored. Students will explore, discuss and critique various crisis situations.
  • Day 4 - Social Media / Mock Scenario
    Students will learn how to use social media in a strategic way to support your agency’s brand and enhance police legitimacy and public image through an interactive, two-way communications process. The unique aspects and power of social media are discussed, as well as strategies to help create legitimacy using social media, and how to use social media during a crisis.


With more than 30 years’ experience, Judy Pal has served as an Assistant Commissioner with the NYPD, Director of Operations for FBI-LEEDA, Chief of Staff with the Baltimore and Milwaukee Police Departments, and was a member of the command staff of the Atlanta, Savannah, and Halifax (Canada) police depts.

Judy is proud to have conducted image and media training for thousands of law enforcement professionals during her career.

Pal is a past president of the National Information Officers Association, holds a Master’s degree in Public Relations and earned her Certificate in Police Leadership from Dalhousie University in Canada. 

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for public information officers, as well as personnel in leadership positions, in law enforcement and emergency service agencies.


  • 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Overnight Accommodations

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