The Mark Smith Scholarship Endowment Fund for the Academy of American and International Law

Since 1964, the Academy of American and International Law has made a significant impact on the careers and lives of thousands of individuals practicing law throughout the world.

Each year, the Academy accepts scholarship applications from lawyers around the globe, who could not otherwise afford to attend. Having participants from all corners of the world, representing all economic stages of development, makes the Academy experience richer for all who attend.

Until his retirement in 2021, Mark Smith led the Academy for three decades, leaving an inimitable imprint on each graduate he met. Vibrant and passionate about Texas, professional baseball, and everyone that crossed his path, when Mark opened a session with his characteristic "Howdy Y'all," attendees knew they'd made a friend for life.

In recognition of Mark’s lasting impact on Academy participants, The Center for American and International Law has established The Mark Smith Scholarship Endowment Fund for the Academy of American and International Law to support those who could not experience the Academy without financial assistance, with preference given to lawyers from nations with developing economies. As an endowment, the fund will provide scholarship support into perpetuity.

Campaign Chair

Susan Karamanian
CAIL Trustee and Academy faculty member

The Academy has attracted over 3,300 participants from 121 countries during its rich history. Past participants have gone on to be President of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Prime Minister of Peru, Chief Justice of the Philippines, and many other significant leadership positions.

Your gift will help the Academy promote the rule of law throughout the world for generations to come.

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