Founded in 1947 as the Southwestern Legal Foundation, The Center for American and International Law was then and remains today a pioneer in continuing legal and law enforcement education.

Located in the Southwestern United States, The Center has reached participants in more than 130 countries. It seeks out both lawyers and law enforcement officials, and is involved not just in education, but also in the development of professional communities. It connects lawyers with other lawyers, and law enforcement officers with one another.

Our annual Energy Law program is the oldest and still among the best CLE programs in the United States. Our co-sponsored internet portal, www.kluwerarbitration.com, is the best website in the world for international arbitrators. Our Law enforcement Ethics Center is a leading voice in law enforcement ethics and is responsible for ethical training to thousands of law enforcement officials. Our programs on capital trial advocacy and on actual innocence have focused on subjects critical to the effective administration of justice.