The John Rogers Award

2018 Honoree

Dan O. Dinges
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
Houston, TX

Past Honorees

John S. Watson (2017)
Chevron Corporation

Mark G. Papa (2016)
Riverstone Holdings LLC 

Richard D. Kinder (2015)
Chairman and CEO, Kinder Morgan, Inc.

Charles D. Davidson (2014)
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Noble Energy, Inc

Rex W. Tillerson (2013)
Chairman and CEO, Exxon Mobil Corporation

Marvin E. Odum (2012)
President, Shell Oil Company

Douglas L. Foshee (2011)
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, El Paso Corporation

Clarence P. Cazalot, Jr. (2010) - Read Remarks (pdf)
President and Chief Executive Officer, Marathon Oil Corporation

J. Larry Nichols (2009)
Chairman and CEO, Devon Energy Corporation

James J. Mulva (2008) - Read Remarks (pdf)
Chairman, President and CEO, ConocoPhillips Company

James T. Hackett (2007)
Chairman, President and CEO, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

James A. Baker, III (2006)
Former U.S. Secretary of State and Honorary Chairman, James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy, Rice University
Baker Botts, L.L.P.

Archie W. Dunham (2005)
Chairman of the Board (Retired), ConocoPhillips

Bill White (2004)
Mayor of Houston
Former President and CEO, WEDGE Group
Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy

George P. Mitchell (2003)
Former Chairman & CEO, Mitchell Energy & Development Corp.
Chairman of the Board, GPM, Inc.

Lee Raymond (2002) - Read Remarks (pdf)
CEO, Exxon Mobil Corporation

Kenneth L. Lay (2001)
CEO, Enron

Sir John Browne (2000)
CEO, BP Amoco

Editors of the Oil and Gas Reporter (1999)
  • Prof. Owen L. Anderson
  • Mark D. Christiansen
  • Philip G. Dufford
  • Dean Charles O. Galvin
  • Prof. Joseph R. Geraud
  • Sheila S. Hollis
  • Prof. Edwin P. Horner
  • J. Clayton Johnson
  • Prof. Bruce M. Kramer
  • Prof. John S. Lowe
  • Prof. Patrick H. Martin
  • Prof. Tom R. Mason
  • Dean Richard C. Maxwell
  • Prof. Phillip E. Norvell
  • Prof. David E. Pierce
  • Dean Ernest E. Smith

Charles O. Galvin (1998)
Former Dean, SMU School of Law
Of Counsel, Haynes and Boone

Alfred C. DeCrane, Jr. (1997)
Former Chairman of the Board & CEO, Texaco, Inc.

L. Frank Pitts (1996)
CEO, Pitts Energy Group

Lawrence G. Rawl (1995)
Former Chairman of the Board & CEO, Exxon Corporation

Allen E. Murray (1994)
Chairman of the Board and CEO, Mobil Corporation

C.J. “Pete” Silas (1993)
Chairman and CEO, Phillips Petroleum Company

Eugene Kuntz (1992)
Dean Emeritus, University of Oklahoma Law Center

Lodwrick M. Cook (1991)
Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, ARCO

Joseph W. Morris (1990)
Gable & Gotwals

Ray L. Hunt (1989)
Chairman and CEO, Hunt Oil Company

George M. Keller (1988)
Chairman and CEO, Chevron Corporation

Roy M. Huffington (1987)
Chairman, Roy M. Huffington, Inc.

John F. Bookout (1986)
President, Shell Oil Company

Edwin L. Cox (1985)
Chairman, Edwin L. Cox & Berry R. Cox

Clifton C. Garvin, Jr. (1984)
Chairman and CEO, Exxon Corporation

Robert L. Parker (1983)
Chairman and CEO, Parker Drilling Company

Fred L. Hartley (1982)
Chairman of the Board and President, Union Oil Company of California

Robert E. Thomas (1981)

Dean A. McGee (1980)
Chairman and CEO, Kerr-McGee Corporation

Jack S. Blanton (1979)
President, Scurlock Oil Company

Maurice F. Granville (1978)
Chairman and CEO, Texaco Inc.

Wayne E. Glenn (1977)
Former Vice Chairman, Continental Oil Co.

Robert G. Dunlop (1976)
Director and Chairman, Sun Oil Company

H.A. (Dave) True, Jr. (1975)
Oil Producer, Drilling
Contractor and Rancher

John E. Swearingen (1974)
Chairman of the Board, Standard Oil Company (IN)

Robert O. Anderson (1973)
Chairman and CEO, Atlantic Richfield Corporation

J.K. Jamieson (1972)
Chairman of the Board, Standard Oil Company (NJ)

H.K. Haynes (1971)
President, Standard Oil of California

Albert L. Nickerson (1970)
Retired Chairman of the Board, Mobil Oil Corporation