Energy Law Advisor

Energy Law Advisor

Inside the Latest Issue:

  • Renewable Portfolio Standards Among the New England States: How About Some Good Old-Fashioned Yankee Regionalism?
  • In the Classroom: Drafting a Better Preferential Right to Purchase Clause
  • Merger Enforcement Actions Below the HSR Threshold - Top Ten Tips in Non-Reportable Transactions
  • Updated Timeline for the Mexican Energy Reform
  • Third Circuit Holds that Shut-In Royalty Provision of Lease Bars Suit Where Non-Producing Wells were Shut-In
  • LNG in Chile: The 10th Anniversary of Chile's Natural Gas Crisis and the Continued Operation of LNG Terminals

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The Energy Law Advisor, the IEL’s online newsletter, is published six times each year. Because the Institute for Energy Law brings together some of the best minds from every area of the energy industry, the ELA is a wonderful vehicle for both tapping their understanding of the key legal issues facing the industry and for reaching the people who need the information.

The publication is managed by the Editorial Board, under the chairmanship of Harry Sullivan (Senior Counsel, Conoco Phillips, Houston, Texas).

Harry Sullivan
Managing Editor, Energy Law Advisor, Institute for Energy Law

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