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Institute Fund Raising

Who may donate to ILT?

Any individual, philanthropic organization or private sector organization may donate funds to sustain the educational mission of the Institute for Law and Technology. Since ILT is part of a 501(c)(3) organization, the funds you donate to ILT will be tax deductible. Our parent organization, The Center for American and International Law, will accept gifts dedicated for the specific use of ILT.

Why donate to ILT?

ILT’s mission is to provide superior educational and professional opportunities for lawyers and other professionals, including facilitating the study of evolving issues and ideas, in intellectual property and technology. It achieves this by providing high caliber programs and conferences, facilitating networking among professionals, and working to build a coordinated regional community of interest.

How does my donation help?

Like all educational institutions, ILT has many demands on its funds. Your donation may be used for such things as:

  • Bringing national experts to our conference or classroom settings
  • Outreach to law students, young lawyers and entrepreneurs
  • Improvements to classroom technology
  • General operational support

Your tax deductible donation will help to sustain and expand the important work of ILT. To donate to ILT, click the link below and designate your gift to ILT.

Donate to ILT