IEL Energy Arbitrators List

The Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice Committee has invited individuals with substantial experience in the arbitration of energy disputes to list themselves in this directory. This list, compiled from information provided by the arbitrators themselves, is provided purely for the convenience of IEL members and others and has not been vetted by CAIL or IEL.  Inclusion in the list does not in any way imply endorsement or recommendation by CAIL or IEL.  Users of the list must do their own due diligence on the persons listed before making any appointment.
You can browse the whole list or you can refine the list by selecting criteria which match your requirements in the boxes below.  You can select as many or as few criteria as you wish.  Click on the arbitrators’ names in the search results for full details.

The eligibility criteria for inclusion on the list of arbitrators can be reviewed here

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