The Academy of American and International Law

The Academy of American and International Law is sponsored every summer by the Southwestern Institute for International and Comparative Law (an institute of The Center for American and International Law) – and was held for the 50th time in 2013.
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About the Academy

Academy Attendees

The Academy provides an introduction for people from outside the United States to American and international legal and business institutions, with an emphasis on American legal institutions and process. It is business-oriented and addresses a wide range of law-related commercial transactions.  Participants explore the role of law in the settlement of disputes and in the establishment of an orderly structure of international relations - both private and governmental.

The program is intended for lawyers from countries other than the United States who are interested in international law. It is not a degree program and is not as comprehensive as a Master of Laws Program. It is not intended for those with extensive experience--either the corporate lawyer or the private practitioner.  Instead, it is a five-week program designed for someone who is in the early stages of a career that may now or in the future include international law. It provides a broad introduction to a variety of areas important to the practice of international business law, and an introduction to the laws of the United States. Learn more about our Alumni.

Certificate of Participation is given to those who fulfill attendance requirements. Additionally, although course credit is not offered, participants who take and pass a series of short exams earn the title of Academy Fellow. Furthermore, participants may find that Academy participation better prepares them to apply for acceptance to an LLM program at an accredited U.S. law schools.

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Storey Award

The Academy has attracted lawyers who have gone on to very prominent positions in their home countries, as evidenced by the list of Storey Award recipients. Our goal is to provide a forum for those who are among the "best and brightest" lawyers, giving them an opportunity to enhance their knowledge and experience. The Robert G. Storey award is presented semi-annually to a past participant of the Academy who has demonstrated the qualities of leadership and integrity that were embodied in Dean Storey.


The faculty includes distinguished scholars and practicing lawyers with national and international experience in legal, business and public affairs. The program emphasizes practical approaches for people engaged in transnational legal and economic relationships.

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Student Experience

Education, of course, takes place both inside and outside the classroom. A substantial effort is made to introduce Academy participants to the Dallas community. Each participant has the opportunity to be paired with local hosts from the North Texas Committee for International Visitors, or the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers. These local hosts meet with the participants and provide a firsthand introduction to life in Dallas.  The Academy schedule also includes a variety of extracurricular activities. Participants will frequently attend a rodeo, a major league baseball game, and a Texas barbecue. In addition, they are invited to receptions at Dallas law firms. Our goal is to introduce Academy participants not only to the study of American and international law, but also to the people of the United States.