Center for Law Enforcement Ethics

In July of 1992, the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration (ILEA), supported by a generous grant from the Meadows Foundation of Dallas, Texas, launched the Center for Law Enforcement Ethics. Organized to focus attention on ethical issues that go to the heart of policing, the goals of the Ethics Center are to examine the ethics of professional obligations in law enforcement, explore strategies that enhance the ethical climate in policing, and establish programs that will provide ethical decision-making tools. Since 1992, the vision of the Center for Law Enforcement Ethics has been to:

Champion the Nobility of Policing by Providing a Forum to Address the Ethical Issues of Peacekeeping in a Democratic Society

The Center for Law Enforcement Ethics offers a number of programs and services including the:

The Center for Law Enforcement Ethics was one of the earliest forums developed specifically to focus a critical dialogue on ethical issues in policing. Ethics Center staff regularly participate as speakers and facilitators on the topics of ethics and values, with agencies and organizations across North America.

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