School of Executive Leadership

The School of Executive Leadership (formerly Management College) is an intensive eight-week program designed to prepare senior-level law enforcement managers and administrators for leadership in the complex world of public executives. The School of Executive Leadership provides a challenging and intensive environment in which participants can learn, develop and test a range of success-oriented skills and abilities. The learning accomplished in this setting explores the most current leadership issues and is facilitated by a wonderful mix of seasoned practitioners and those with academic credentials.

“...after I completed the Management College I took the promotion test for Captain ... I am pleased to report that I scored number one. I have to think that the study skills I learned in class assisted me in being able to study [and] having to speak before the class undoubtedly helped me pass the [oral] portion. I should be promoted in early June and I sincerely want to thank ... the instructors at ILEA. The Management College gave me new strength to continue on with my law enforcement career.”

“It has been a year since I graduated from the 8 week school at ILEA. I thought you might like to know those 8 weeks were extremely powerful for me and shall never be forgotten. Many of the ideas and more importantly the values have helped guide me through many issues the past year.”

– former participants