School of Police Supervision

The course is designed for first-line supervisors and middle-level management and is offered three to four times per year. This outstanding course may be offered in one of two formats. Our traditional offering requires sergeants and mid-level supervisors to attend the SPS for four consecutive weeks. It should be of interest to law enforcement agencies concerned with the professionalism of their management team. Occasionally, ILEA hosts one SPS taught in four one-week per month segments. This format is offered to reduce some of the strain in having officers gone from the workforce for four consecutive weeks. This independent four-week school for police supervisors and recognizes the importance of supervision as a major management function in law enforcement. The curriculum focuses on the transition from “street policing” to management, especially the social and personal adjustments.

“Great training, excellent experience, wonderful instructors.”

 - Sgt., Juneau, AK, Police Dept.

“... First tier class, best course I have ever attended.”

 - Sgt., Washington Metropolitan Police Dept.