THE RITE WAY: Responsibility and Integrity Through Ethics

This course focuses on establishing a communication standard for ethical decision making and leadership for all personnel within a given law enforcement agency. THE RITE WAY or “Responsibility and Integrity Through Ethics” program is designed to be delivered to all personnel within a given agency by graduates of this course.

Through establishing a common “ethical language,” THE RITE WAY seeks to empower agency members through education. Personnel will learn ethical decision-making models, strategies for creating and maintaining a healthy ethical climate, leadership fundamentals based in character and integrity that will empower intervention when wrongdoing is observed; and many other professional and philosophical principles rooted in classical thought.

Successful completion of this program will authorize graduates to present the eight hour Law Enforcement Ethics and the sixteen-hour Ethics for Field Training Officers courses within their own agencies or local/regional academies.

“In my 29 years this is by far the best course of instruction I have ever attended. Faculty were the best versed I have ever observed in a course. This course really enhanced my personal education level. Great job! Thanks!”

“Awesome class given by knowledgeable and experienced, professional instructors - excellent!”

- former participants