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Institute Fund Raising

Who may donate to the ILEA?

Any individual, philanthropic organization or private sector organization may donate funds to sustain the on-going education provided by The Institute for Law Enforcement Administration. As part of a 501 c 3 organization, the funds your organization donates to the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration are tax deductible. Our parent organization, The Center for American and International Law will accept gifts dedicated for the specific use of the ILEA.

Why donate to the ILEA?

Our form of government and our Constitution give police officers great authority and power. It is in the interest of a democratic society to insure that those powers are exercised in a fair and impartial manner. The work of the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration and the School for Law Enforcement Ethics promotes the highest levels of ethical leadership in the profession of policing. Donations to sustain the education and training of law enforcement officers, supervisors and administrators ensures that this work continues. Additionally, your donations help to defray the cost of law enforcement education. Some of our stakeholders have made donations specifically for scholarships. In a time when municipal, county and state budgets have been stretched to the limit, these scholarships have been used to maintain the highest level of training for area police officials.

How does my donation help?

As mentioned above, your donations may be designated for scholarships. Like all educational institutions, the ILEA has other needs. Your funds may be used for such things as:

  • Classroom technology
  • Online course development
  • General curriculum development
  • Bringing national experts to our conference or classroom settings
  • General operational support

Your donation helps to sustain the legacy of law enforcement education and training to the officers of our nation and the international education conducted by the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration. Your dollars help to improve the profession of policing.

Please watch for formal announcements of fund raising activities or contact ILEA (+1.972.244.3430; for an explanation of the process for donating funds for the on-going operation of the ILEA.

Donate to ILEA