Police-Media Relations

Participants will gain insight into the print and broadcast media - who they are and why they do things the way they do. In addition, class members will develop skills in building trust with outside information groups, preparing and presenting your message, crisis management and organizing the functions of a public information office. Finally, this course will help executives and spokespersons communicate more effectively with their many publics.

“The training was excellent. Presentation well organized. The facility is wonderful. Training set-up very comfortable and great for learning. Faculty and staff very helpful, competent and pleasant-from registration throughout training days.”

“Every time I have attended training at the Institute, it’s been an educational adventure.”

“Excellent course. David was extremely good and knowledgeable on the topic. He was very accessible.”

“This class has really given me the tools to become a professional and competent P.I.O. I am not fearful of the media.”

- former participants