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Charitable, tax-deductible contributions play an essential role in allowing CAIL to carry out its mission to promote the rule of law and improve the quality of justice through continuing education to lawyers and law enforcement professionals in the United States and throughout the world.

CAIL’s programs improve the abilities of those who have the responsibility to protect the rights of others. While tuition covers the cost of many of our programs, we are determined to extend our reach and provide education to those with limited access and resources. You can make a meaningful difference in the following ways:

Make a one-time, monthly, or quarterly gift to CAIL.

Donate through Donor-Advised Fund
Direct a grant to CAIL from your fund and support justice.

IRA Distribution
Make a qualified charitable donation from your IRA’s mandatory minimum distribution if you are 70 1/2 or older.

Gifts of Stock
Donate appreciated securities, including stocks or bonds.

Planned Gift
 Leave a legacy by including CAIL in your estate plan.

Consider contributing to our general fund, donating to one of our impactful campaigns or events, or creating a legacy through a planned gift. Your support truly matters!

When you, your firm, or corporation gives to CAIL, you help:

  • Educate lawyers from developing nations world in our 5-week Academy to learn about the American judicial system and the rule of law.
  • Give police leaders the training and tools they need to become ethical decision-makers.
  • Safeguard the justice system against wrongful convictions.
  • Promote global adherence to the world's principal arbitration treaties.

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