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Charitable, tax-deductible contributions play an essential role in allowing CAIL to carry out its mission to improve the quality of justice through continuing education to lawyers and law enforcement officials in the United States and throughout the world.

When you, your firm or corporation gives to CAIL, you help:

  • Educate young lawyers from around the world in our 6-week Academy
  • Give police leaders the tools they need to become ethical decision-makers
  • Safeguard the justice system against wrongful convictions
  • Protect technological innovation through patent, trademark and copyright law
  • Promote global adherence to the world's principal arbitration treaties

Many of CAIL's programs and activities are made possible through the generous financial support of members, supporters, grantors and sponsors like you.

We offer multiple opportunities to support our work; including Planned Giving, the Higginbotham Lecture Series, North Texas Giving Day and Sponsorships. We encourage you to get involved today.

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