Annual Estate Planning Course Just Weeks Away

The Agenda may look like last year’s, but my goodness how the content has changed!

Join program co-chairs Santo Bisignano, Jr. and Michael V. Bourland, and featured presenters Professor Stanley M. Johanson, Darin N. Digby and Stephen R. Akers at CAIL’s Annual Course on Estate Planning, May 7-10, 2013. This course is for new and experienced lawyers (and other professionals) who want to include Estate Planning in their practices or who want a comprehensive overview.

“The world keeps changing. When it comes to the area of estate planning, the answers may differ from year to year, but the questions are always the same…. The titles and some of the topics (for the program) are exactly the same as they were last year or two years ago, but my goodness, how the content has changed!”, Professor Johanson advises. “So if you've got some time at the end of May, 29 to 31, come on down! Or more precisely - I'm in Austin - come on up to Plano and have a very interesting 3 days at The Center for American and International Law's Annual Short Course on Estate Planning.”

Want to learn more? Sit back and prepare to be entertained for a few minutes with a video greeting from Professor Stanley Johanson.

And read notes from faculty members Santo Bisignano, Jr.Stephen R. Akers and Stanley Johanson.

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Conference Co-Chairs

Santo “Sandy” Bisignano, Jr.
Bisignano & Harrison, L.L.P.
Dallas, Texas

Michael Bourland
Bourland, Wall & Wenzel, PC
Fort Worth, Texas

Featured Faculty

Professor Stanley M. Johanson
The University of Texas School of Law
Austin, Texas

Darin N. Digby
Schoenbaum, Curphy & Scanlan, P.C.
San Antonio, Texas

Stephen R. Akers
Bessemer Trust Company
Dallas, Texas