2008 Academy Alumnus Named Chief Justice of Pakistan's Largest Province

Last month, the president of Pakistan named 2008 Academy alumnus Ijaz ul Ahsan chief Justice of the Punjab High Court. Chief Justice ul Ahsan joins a long list of Academy alumni who have assumed positions of leadership around the world.

In a note to the Academy, the Chief Justice said: “While it is a great honour and a big responsibility to be appointed as the Chief Justice I cannot help but remember and acknowledge the individuals and institutions that contributed towards my personal and professional development and growth. Amongst those, the academy and all the wonderful people I met and spent time with at Plano have a special place in my heart. I hope the Academy continues to provide great opportunities of personal and professional growth to all participants who converge to it from all over the world every year. Please convey my best wishes and regards to all your colleagues and professors who make the academy such a unique and outstanding place of learning.”

Mr. Chief Justice, we wish you well as you take on this important new role.