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Winter 2022

  • Editor – Brandon White


58th Academy of American and International Law - Registration is now open for SWIICL's premier event, the Academy of American and International Law. The Academy is set to return for the 58th time from May 29 - June 30, 2023. Since 1964, this multi-week program has attracted over 3,300 participants from 121 countries. The Academy is an activity-packed program designed for lawyers from outside the United States and focuses on U.S. law and international business transactions. Through its extraordinary classroom and extracurricular schedule, the Academy offers opportunities to forge valuable international relationships that last a lifetime.

Alumni Directory Website and Free Lifetime Academy Alumni Membership - As part of SWIICL's revised, we have created a new Lifetime Academy Alumni Membership that is completely free. This alumni membership will allow you to access a new alumni directory to share information and connect with other alumni, as well as to stay informed about SWIICL and the Academy. It will also allow alumni to attend SWIICL webinars for free and to participate in alumni committees we plan to create. To claim your free membership and set up your profile on the new Academy Alumni Online Directory, click here.

Legal News

Julio Dubeux and Beatriz Rodrigues

The Disclosure of ESG Practices in the Brazilian Capital Markets
By Julio Dubeux and Beatriz Rodrigues, Rennó Penteado Sampaio Advogados 

Brazilian public companies have been required by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission to disclose information regarding ESG practices and reports, addressing a strong demand of foreign and local investors. In the upcoming years, they will likely be more aligned with the ESG global trend, where sustainable actions play a key role to attract the interest of investors.

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Oluseyi Adejuyigbe

Nigeria - Arbitration and Mediation Bill 2022
By Oluseyi Adejuyigbe, Olatunde Adejuyigbe & Co.

The Law governing Arbitration in Nigeria had been long overdue for an overhaul, a Bill to amend same was passed recently by the Legislature. The Bill contains provisions which took cognizance of current trends in Arbitration and aligns the Nigerian Law with International best practices.

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Eugenio Dávila

Practices for Good Corporate Governance in Mexican Startups
By Eugenio Dávila, Santos-Elizondo, S.C.

Unlike other countries, in Mexico the Boards of Directors of private companies rarely functions and their relevance in the company is minimal. However, with the growth of the entrepreneurial sector in the country, the role of said Board in early stage companies with venture capital known as “startups” has become extremely relevant. The purpose of this essay is to briefly summarize the attributions and responsibilities of the Board as well as suggest practices to be implemented for a good corporate governance.

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Maryam Abdallah

Human Rights in an Inhumane State
By Maryam Abdallah, Attorney at Law

Human Rights Watch in its latest report, denounced the incompetence of the Lebanese authorities for deliberately throwing the country in what is labeled as the worst crisis of our modern time or what the World Bank called “a deliberate depression”. While calls for putting the country under UN custody are rising on the inside, Lebanon that was once the first democracy in the Middle East is at risk of being declared a rogue state.

Meanwhile, minorities & most vulnerable communities are paying the highest price!

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Member News

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