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TEEX is now offering the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) course accredited by the International CPTED Association. CPTED is used to alter and expand the participant’s perception of the immediate physical environment. By altering the perception of the physical environment, the participant will be more capable of understanding the direct relationship of the environment to human behavior and to crime. An understanding of the design, management, and effective use of the environment is a prerequisite to increasing the success of citizen’s efforts in crime prevention. While CPTED is not the total answer to community problems, it does provide the community with the means to eliminate or reduce environmental obstacles to social, cultural, or managerial control.

CPTED does not require an extensive technical background or understanding. To be effective as a community crime prevention strategy, basic CPTED concepts have to be understood by as many people as possible in easy to understand terms. The following learning objectives should be considered as a minimum for successful application of CPTED to your community. Course cost $325 for Texas LE and $625 all others.

Target audience: Law Enforcement, Crime Prevention Personnel, Private Security, Architects, and City Planning Staffs.

Learning Objectives

  • Access control
  • Surveillance
  • Territoriality
  • Legitimate activity support
  • Management
  • Maintenance strategies
  • Classifications of strategies
  • The 3-D concept CPTED Matrix
  • Increasing the effort Risk
  • Reducing the rewards
  • Removing the excuses
  • CPTED assessment and survey process
  • Assessing crime potential within different environments
  • Identifying crime and safety hazards
  • Developing plans to prevent environmentally induced crimes
  • Assessing security liability in the built environment and how to reduce premises liability
  • Examining the impact of road closures, barricades, gatehouses, and traffic calming
  • Practical applications of lighting towards improving surveillance Importance of protecting critical infrastructure from attacks
  • Applications of CPTED in schools, multifamily housing, commercial and mixed-use environments

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