America Invents Act - Where to Now?

The America Invents Act comes into force on March 16th, and patent lawyers are working overtime to file before “first to invent” becomes “first to file”. What are the unintended consequences of the Act and its implementation? The ILT is presenting an Advanced Practice under the America Invents Act Conference at Dallas’s Hyatt Regency Hotel on April 11th and 12th to discuss this and many other questions arising from the Act. The faculty will include three speakers from the USPTO, the Honorable Michael Tierney, lead judge of the trial division, Bernie Knight, the general counsel, and Michelle Lee, the director of the Silicon Valley office, as well as senior in-house patent attorneys and leading private practitioners.

Conference co-chairs Lisa Jorgenson (STMicroelectronics) and Marc Hubbard (Hubbard Law) are planning a lively, interactive conference for experienced lawyers to meet and share learning, experiences and concerns about the new Act.

The conference is co-sponsored by the AIPLA.

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Judge Michael Tierney speaking at the ILT’s 50th Annual IP Law Conference in November 2012