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  • Expert Interview: Jayne Piana, Fletcher Yoder, P.C.
  • Disruptive Technology Strike Force Continues Focus on Trade Secret Theft, Export Control Enforcement
  • Standard Essential Patents: Do SEPs Promote the Progress of Science and the Useful Arts?
  • ILT Member Highlight: Michael Perdunn, Director of Advisory Services, Cyber Defense Labs

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YTP's Tech Times, the ILT’s Young Technology Professionals online newsletter, will contain substantive articles on trending legal issues  on emerging technology, IP, cybersecurity and data privacy, interviews, and professional development.


  • Miles Indest

Committee Members

  • Summer Ayala
  • Kate Clark
  • Kellie L. Constantine
  • Matthew W. Cornelia
  • Leiza Dolghih
  • Ryan J. Frankel
  • Dylan D. Gilbert
  • Casey McNeil
  • Shannon Montgomery
  • Alex Shahrestani
  • Ashley E. Smith
  • Demetrius D. Sumner
  • Betty X. Yang

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