New IEL Forum at Annual Conference

The IEL plans to host its first IEL Forum at the 64th Annual Oil & Gas Conference in February 2013.  The concept will be similar to the popular ITA Forum which has been a feature of the Workshops of the IEL’s sister institute, the Institute for Transnational Arbitration, for many years.  The ITA Forum allows the world’s leading arbitrators to discuss matters of common concern and interest in an informal and unreported environment, and has long been one of the most popular parts of the ITA’s meetings.  The IEL Forum will follow the same format and will be moderated by two experienced energy lawyers, but otherwise be unscripted.  Those wishing to attend will be asked in advance to submit questions or topics for discussion, and the moderators will introduce the questions and seek views from participants to generate a lively, open and unattributable discussion.


ITA Forum in Dallas, 2012.