Oil & Gas Law Short Course

This one-week intensive program, developed in 1983 by a group of practicing attorneys, landmen, and experienced law school professors, is continually reviewed and updated to provide registrants with the fundamentals of, and practical training in, important areas of oil and gas law, leasing, contracting, conveyancing, regulation, and practice. Course materials will be presented through lectures, drafting exercises, and workshops by eleven leading law professors and oil and gas practitioners. Topics covered include exploration and production operations; ownership, capture, and correlative rights; conservation regulation; oil and gas leases – function and classification, defining what is granted, and duration of the grant; implied covenants; royalties; division orders; drilling contracts; pooling and unitization; local regulation; split estates; environmental regulations; common interests; joint operating agreements; farmout agreements; marketing; ethical issues; taxation; and securities.

This course is essential for attorneys, landmen, paralegals, government employees, and others who are relatively inexperienced in the legal and/or land problems of the oil and gas industry. More experienced individuals often attend this course as a comprehensive review and update.

The course alternates annually between Westminster, Colorado and Houston, Texas.