ITA's Associate Director Promoted to Co-Director of Two CAIL Institutes

The ITA’s associate director, Alan Dunlop, has been promoted to co-director of the ITA’s sister institutes, the Institute for Energy Law and the Institute for Law and Technology, alongside David Winn and Mark Smith, the other directors of these institutes. Alan joined The Center for American and International Law in 2011, after a career in the oil industry culminating in a position as vice president and general counsel of Hess Corporation’s exploration and production division. Qualified as a solicitor in Scotland, a solicitor in England and Wales, and an attorney and counselor at law in New York, Alan was involved in legal education even before joining the Center as an officer and eventually chair of the International Bar Association’s Section on Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Law, and also as a practice committee chair then advisory board vice chair of the ITA’s sister institute, the Institute for Energy Law.

Alan Dunlop addresses delegates at the IEL’s 64th Annual Oil & Gas Law Conference in February, 2013