ITA-IEL International Energy Arbitration Forum Announcers Luncheon Interviewee

The ITA-IEL Joint Winter Forum on International Energy Arbitration is the first joint conference of the two largest divisions of The Center for American and International Law: the Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA) and the Institute for Energy Law (IEL). Featuring experts from both organizations providing perspective on current issues of special concern to counsel litigating the growing number of cross-border energy disputes, the Joint Winter Forum will be presented in collaboration with the Houston International Arbitration Club and in connection with the IEL's 65th Annual Oil & Gas Law Conference (February 19-20) and the ITA's annual midyear Executive Committee and Academic Council meetings.

The Winter Forum Luncheon interviewee this year will be Judge Charles N. Brower, who will be no doubt memorably interviewed by Prof. Charles H. Brower on February 21 in Houston. 

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