Staff Leadership

The Center for American and International Law

Thomas (T.L.) Cubbage, President

Vickie Adams, Vice President

Jay E. Ray, Vice President
+1 972.244.3411

Gregory Smith, M.A., Vice President

Stacy Crowe, Chief Financial Officer

Joan Copeland, Director of Operations and Chief of Staff

Licia Maria Hogarth, Sponsorship Director

Karla Lárraga, Communications Manager

Monica Shome, Director of Meetings

Rebecca TrejoDirector of Donor Engagement

Institute for Law Enforcement Administration

Gregory Smith, M.A., Director

Institute for Energy Law

Jay E. Ray, Co-Director
+1 972.244.3411

Vickie Adams, Co-Director

Southwestern Institute for International and Comparative Law

Jay E. Ray, Director
+1 972.244.3411

Institute for Transnational Arbitration

Thomas (T.L.) Cubbage, Director

Institute for Law and Technology

Vickie Adams, Director

Criminal Justice

Criminal Defense and Criminal Prosecution programs

Shannon Evans, Director

Actual Innocence programs

Shannon Evans, Director