Announcing Young ITA Leadership Opportunities for 2019-2021

Since its reorganization in June 2017, Young ITA has become an active and engaged global community, with over 1,200 members now in 70 countries. During this 2017-2019 term, Young ITA has led ITA to new regions and new audiences with a competitive Writing Competition, an active Mentorship Program and 20 #YoungITATalks events in 15 cities around the world: Dubai, Frankfurt, Guatemala City, Houston, Lima, London, Mexico City, Miami, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Quito, São Paulo, San José (Costa Rica) and Washington, D.C. 1,000 registrants, speakers, writers, mentors and mentees have participated in Young ITA activities during this time. The quality of these activities has been excellent, earning uniform praise. The progress of Young ITA has been due to the energy and commitment of its leadership.

Applications are now open for these Young ITA leadership positions for 2019-2021:

Communications Chair, who will:

  • coordinate content for the Young ITA LinkedIn Group and other publications,
  • identify and oversee conference reporters for all Young ITA events,
  • assist the Young ITA Chair and Vice-Chair with internal communications to Young ITA Leadership, and
  • serve as Young ITA Liaison to ITA’s Communication Committee.

Thought Leadership Chair, who will:

  • lead the Young ITA Writing Competition and Award review and selection process,
  • review and edit Young ITA contributions to publications, including ITA’s e-journal ITA in Review, Kluwer Arbitration Blog, and the Global Arbitration Review (GAR), and
  • identify topics to be addressed at Young ITA events and in the Young ITA LinkedIn Group/Forum.

Mentorship Program Chair, who will:

  • Identify and select mentors, mentees and facilitators
  • actively guide and monitor the Mentorship Groups’ activities throughout the Program, and
  • Coordinate the annual Young ITA Mentorship Program.

Regional Chairs – One for each of the following regions: North America, South America (Spanish-speaking jurisdictions), Brazil, Mexico and Central America, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Middle East and Asia – who will:

  • serve as the Young ITA regional ambassador,
  • prepare (or coordinate the preparation of) regional contributions to ITA and Young ITA publications and content, and
  • organize #YOUNGITATALKS events in the region.

The applications deadline is April 20, 2019.  For more information about these positions and how to apply, please click here.

We strongly encourage qualified individuals to apply for these positions.  This is a very exciting time to get involved with the Young ITA as we grow our vision for this organization.

Please direct any queries to Young ITA Counsel Cecilia Flores Rueda and current Young ITA Communications Chair Robert Reyes Landicho. For more information about Young ITA, visit our website.