Young ITA Leadership Opportunities

Young ITA

We are now accepting applications for the following new Young ITA leadership positions for the period June 2021 – June 2023:

  • Communications Chair
  • Thought Leadership Chair
  • Mentorship Program Chair
  • Regional Chairs: North America, South America (Spanish speaking jurisdictions)1, Brazil, Mexico and Central America, United Kingdom, Western Europe2, Central and Eastern Europe3, Middle East and North Africa (MENA)4, India, Asia, Oceania

Deadline to Apply (all positions): April 20, 2021.

Selection Criteria (all positions):

  • Young ITA and the ITA will select the candidates at their own discretion.
  • Some of the main factors that will inform their decisions include international arbitration experience, prior publications and speaking engagements, experience organizing events or leading initiatives, and diversity.

Qualifications (all positions):

  • Young ITA member.
  • ITA member or ITA Advisory Board member (applicants may satisfy this requirement upon their appointment).
  • 40 years old or younger by the end of the two-year term.

The positions now available are:

Communications Chair


  • Administer and coordinate content for the Young ITA LinkedIn Group, and assist with providing content for the ITA LinkedIn Group (as it relates to Young ITA).
  • Identify Conference Reporters (Social Media and for Post-Conference Reporting) for all Young ITA events, and moderate/edit content.
  • Serve as Young ITA Liaison to ITA’s Communication Committee and perform related tasks.
  • Coordinate and review Young ITA contributions to publications, including ITA’s e-journal (ITA in Review), ITA’s quarterly newsletter (News & Notes), Kluwer Arbitration Blog (KAB), and the Global Arbitration Review (GAR).
  • Work closely with ITA and Young ITA leaders in creating and publicizing events, press releases, and announcements.

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Thought Leadership Chair


  • Lead the Young ITA Award review and selection process;
  • Review and edit Young ITA contributions to publications, including ITA’s Online Publication (ITA in Review), Kluwer Arbitration Blog, and the Global Arbitration Review (GAR);
  • Act as Editor in Chief of the Young ITA Newsletter;
  • Serve as Liaison to the ITA Academic Council;
  • Identify topics to be addressed at Young ITA events and in the Young ITA LinkedIn Group/Forum;
  • Review and edit Young ITA contributions to ITA publications, including the ITA newsletter News & Notes;
  • Serve as Young ITA Liaison to ITA’s Communication Committee; and
  • Identify topical issues to be addressed at Young ITA events and in the Young ITA LinkedIn Group.

Brief description of the Young ITA Award program:

  • Every year Young ITA will select a paper on a topical international arbitration issue, which will be granted the Young ITA Award at the next ITA Workshop, as well as two additional papers that will be identified as deserving “honorable mentions”.
  • The papers will be submitted through the ITA’s website by February 1st of each year.
  • Authors must be Young ITA members and 40 years old or younger by June 15 of the relevant year.
  • By September 15, 2021, the Thought Leadership Chair will draft a set of guidelines for the program (including extension of papers, whether Young ITA will select a specific topic) and will identify a reputable, well-know international arbitration publication that would publish the winning paper.
  • By April 1, the Thought Leadership Chair and the Vice Chair will preselect the ten best papers, which will then be evaluated jointly with the ITA to select the winner and two runner-ups.

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Mentorship Program Chair


  • Coordinate the Young ITA Mentorship Program for the 2021-2023 term;
  • Publicize the Program (including, for instance, through a Program Brochure);
  • Prepare or update the Program Guidelines;
  • Launch the Program by inviting Mentees to apply and selecting the winning applicants;
  • Select corresponding Mentors and Facilitators (an accomplished arbitration practitioner who can assist Mentees in their activities and serve as a liaison between Mentors and Mentees);
  • Form the Mentorship Groups;
  • Actively guide and monitor the Mentorship Groups’ activities throughout the Program;
  • Lead new Mentorship Program;

Brief description of the Young ITA Mentorship program:

  • Every year, Young ITA will select 10 members to be mentored by a more senior ITA member in his respective region.
  • The selection process for mentees will take into account the candidates’ professional and academic background and the cover letter with the application.
  • The “mentoring” will consist of meeting at least once in-person and then follow-ups by email or telephone in at least two additional instances.
  • The Mentorship Program Chair will (i) draft a set of guidelines with a view to ensuring that mentors and mentees make the most of the program, without demanding a significant time commitment by the mentor, and (ii) circulate a list of suggested topics for discussion by mentors and mentees.
  • In general, mentors and mentees will be encouraged to discuss issues related to career development and profile-raising opportunities.

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Regional Chairs


  • Serve as the Young ITA regional ambassador;
  • Organize #YoungITATalks events in the region;
  • Develop relationships with local and regional international arbitration organizations in furtherance of Young ITA’s mission and goals;
  • Create one (long) or two (shorter) written contributions to Young ITA online publications about developments in your region (e.g., Kluwer Arbitration Blog, ITA in Review, News & Notes), in liaison with the Young ITA Chair, Vice Chair, and Communications Chair; and
  • Prepare a business plan regarding the execution of their vision for the region;
  • Be the Young ITA ambassador in the region;
  • Organize and chair Young ITA Talks # events in the region.


  • North America.
  • South America (Spanish speaking jurisdictions).1
  • Brazil.
  • Mexico and Central America.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Western Europe.2
  • Central and Eastern Europe.3
  • Middle East and North Africa (MENA).4
  • India.
  • Asia.
  • Oceania.

Apply Now (one region only)

Spanish-speaking jurisdictions.
2 Iceland, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Vatican City.
3 Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Republic of North Macedonia, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Russia.
4 Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.