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  • 60 Second Interview with Philip Tan, Young ITA Internal Communications Co-Chair
  • Updates from the Young ITA Regional Chairs
  • Young ITA Event Reports
  • Writing Competition and Award 2023-2024
  • Career Opportunities

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This Newsletter is designed to keep Young ITA members in touch, abreast of the latest developments in international arbitration, and aware of the opportunities Young ITA has to offer. For more information about Young ITA in your region, or to find out how you can contribute to the Young ITA Newsletter and other Young ITA initiatives, please contact any of the editors or associate editors below.

The publication is managed by the Editorial Board.


  • Catherine Bratic (Young ITA Chair)
  • Karima Sauma (Young ITA Vice-Chair)
  • Ciara Ros (Young ITA Communications Chair)
  • Jorge Arturo Gonzalez (Young ITA Communications Vice-Chair)
  • Enrique Jaramillo (Young ITA Thought Leadership Chair)
  • Derya Durlu Gürzumar (Young ITA Thought Leadership Vice-Chair)

Associate Editors: Young ITA Regional Chairs and Vice-Chairs

  • Anne-Marie Doernenburg (Asia Chair)
  • Philip Tan (Asia Vice-Chair)
  • Daniel Allman (Oceania Chair)
  • Rodrigo Barradas Muñiz (Mexico and Central America Chair)
  • Daniel Brantes (Brazil Chair)
  • Guilherme Piccardi (Brazil Vice-Chair)
  • Dr. Viktor Cserep (Central and Eastern Europe Chair)
  • Karolina Czarnecka (Central and Eastern Europe Vice-Chair)
  • Juhi Gupta (India Chair)
  • Lidia Rezende (North America Chair)
  • Michael Fernandez (North America Vice-Chair)
  • Maria Camila Rincon (South America Chair)
  • Santiago Lucas Pena (South America Vice-Chair)
  • Katrina Limond (UK Chair)
  • Robert Bradshaw (UK Vice-Chair)
  • Asha Rajan (Western Europe Chair)
  • Georgios Fasfalis (Western Europe Vice-Chair)
  • Hamid Abdulkareem (Africa Chair)
  • Jennifer Paterson (Middle East Chair)

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