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The Energy Dispatch

Energy Law Advisor

Inside the Latest Issue:

  • An Expert Interview with Danielle Hunter
  • Professional Lessons I Learned Outside of My Actual Profession
  • YEP Member Highlight - Scott Butcher
  • Book Review - Yes, And
  • Career Transition Highlight – Sarah Nealis Bohan
  • Texas Supreme Court Leaves Consent-to-Assign Questions Unanswered
  • Fifth Circuit Extends Doiron Test For Assigning Maritime-Contract Status To Contracts That Are Not Oilfield Services Contracts
  • U.S. District Court Decision regarding Drilling on Federal Land

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The Energy Dispatch, the IEL’s Young Energy Professional newsletter, contains substantive articles on trending legal issues in the energy industry. The publication is managed by the YEP Newsletter Subcommittee, with the editorial responsibilities rotating to a different member each issue.

Issue Editor

  • Erin Potter Sullenger

Publications Co-Chairs

  • Eric Camp
  • Erin Potter Sullenger
  • Kelly Ransom

Newsletter Subcommittee Members 

  • Joe Castelli
  • Tod Everage
  • Anna Gryska
  • Miles Indest
  • Marcella Lunn
  • Charles Nixon
  • Brittany Salup
  • Aditi Suresh
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