Energy Law Advisor

Energy Law Advisor

Inside the Latest Issue:

  • Wake-Up Call: What the SolarWinds Cyberbreach Means for Midstream Companies
  • Ohio Supreme Court Provides Some Clarity on the Specificity Required to Reserve Interests Under the Marketable Title Act
  • Pricing Carbon in New York
  • Ohio Supreme Court Finds No Conflict Between MTA and DMA in Reuniting Mineral Interests
  • From Sea Change to Sea Levels Rising: What a Unified Democratic Government Means for Climate Change Action
  • How US Environmental Laws and Regulations Affect Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court Holds Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law Does Not Apply to Oil & Gas Companies Acquiring Oil and Gas Leases
  • Carbon Capture and Storage M&A Likely to Accelerate in US
  • Featured Student Article: Preventing a Bone-Dry Future: Texas’s Need for a Statewide Groundwater Conservation Authority
  • Institute News
  • Members in the News
  • Hartrick Scholar Writing Competition
  • The IEL Welcome Mat and New Members

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The Energy Law Advisor, the IEL’s online newsletter, is published four times each year. Because the Institute for Energy Law brings together some of the best minds from every area of the energy industry, the ELA is a wonderful vehicle for both tapping their understanding of the key legal issues facing the industry and for reaching the people who need the information.

The publication is managed by the Editorial Board, under the chairmanship of Kelly Ransom (New Orleans, Louisiana).

Kelly Ransom
Managing Editor, Energy Law Advisor, Institute for Energy Law

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