Welcome 2019/20 ILEA Alumni Association Board Members

We are excited to welcome the new Alumni Association Board! At the December 3, 2019 Annual ILEA Alumni Association Business Meeting, the following members were voted to serve on the Board:


  • Jeffrey Garner
    Captain, North Richland Hills Police Dept.
    North Richland Hills, TX

    Captain Garner has served on the Alumni Board since 2015 ascending from the position of Secretary/Treasurer to President. He has attended numerous ILEA programs including the School of Police Supervision in 2006 and the 49th Management College (now known as the School of Executive Leadership) in 2013. In addition to attending ILEA courses, Jeff is now an instructor in first-line leadership programs.

1st Vice President

  • John Kusewitt
    Sergeant, Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Dept.
    Dallas, TX

    Sergeant Kusewitt joined the Alumni Board in 2017 as Secretary/Treasurer ascending to the position of 1st Vice President. John attended the 52nd School of Police Supervision in 1991 along with numerous other ILEA programs.

2nd Vice President

  • Jonathan Skertich
    Lieutenant, Frisco Police Dept.
    Frisco, TX

    Lt. Skertich is a new member of the Board, voted to join in December 2019. Jon has attended many ILEA programs, including the 2015 School of Police Supervision. He serves as an ILEA Proctor representing ILEA at various functions.

3rd Vice President

  • Sheena A. McEachran
    Captain, Richland Hills Police Department
    Richland Hills, TX

    Captain McEachran is one of the newest members of the Alumni Association Board. Sheena attended the June 2008 School of Police Supervision and the 56th School of Executive Leadership in 2019.