Pflugerville Police Dept. to Receive Training on "The R.I.T.E. Way" Ethical Decision-Making Program in December

The Institute for Law Enforcement Administration ("ILEA") at The Center for American and International Law ("CAIL") is proud to deliver a special session of The R.I.T.E. Way ethical decision-making program for the Pflugerville Police Department from December 8-10. This session is funded by a grant from Texas grocery giant H-E-B's Community Impact Program.

The R.I.T.E. Way, short for Responsibility and Integrity Through Ethics, builds on ILEA's 60+ years of law enforcement leadership education and focuses on establishing ethical decision-making standards for all agency personnel. The program includes a focus on diversity through ethical leadership, which will help officers deepen relationships with the communities they serve.

"When faced with an ethical dilemma, law enforcement officers need the tools to evaluate and make decisions according to established principles," shared Gregory Smith, Director of The Institute for Law Enforcement Administration. "The goal of The R.I.T.E. Way program is to give all law enforcement agencies a common ethical decision-making language. It is our position that officers that hold each other accountable to the high standards of The R.I.T.E. Way framework will create and maintain professional agencies and safe communities."

ILEA developed the R.I.T.E. Way program to address a need for standardization in ethics training. Program topics include ethical decision-making models, strategies to maintain a healthy ethical climate, standards for leadership based on character and integrity, and other professional and philosophical principles rooted in classical thought. Taught by ILEA instructors, The R.I.T.E. Way program reinforces concepts associated with community policing, building bridges with communities through procedural justice and police legitimacy, and building connectedness and trust within law enforcement agencies.

Law enforcement agencies interested in adopting The R.I.T.E. Way program can contact ILEA director Gregory Smith at

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