Dallas Police Dept. Takes the Lead in Ethics-Based Leadership Initiative with ILEA

Collaborative Initiative with the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration Affirms Paradigm Shift in National Learning Standards

The Dallas Police Department is pioneering a new standard in law enforcement leadership through its collaboration with the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration's (ILEA) Texas Command Leadership Academy. This program is designed to instill principled leadership and foster a culture of forward-thinking in law enforcement agencies.

While numerous conversations emphasize the importance of education and training programs, the specific type of program that can create a meaningful organizational change often needs to be clarified. As the first department to participate in this ILEA program, the Dallas PD highlights the importance of advanced leadership training for its Corps of Lieutenants and civilian managers, driving the change necessary for continuous improvement in policing practices and standards.

Gregory Smith, ILEA Director at CAIL, commented, "We firmly believe that ethical leadership is the bedrock of an organization's culture, and providing this type of leadership education for law enforcement executives is foundational for accountability and positive change when needed. The Dallas Police Department's active participation and support in this groundbreaking program reflect their commitment to the pillars put forth by the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing and the IACP's Law Enforcement Code of Ethics"

This program, which began on May 1 and will conclude with a graduation ceremony on June 16, features a rigorous curriculum that covers topics such as Building Community Trust & Police Legitimacy, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Multi-Cultural Policing, Employee Coaching, Crime Analysis, Strategic Planning, Servant Leadership, Followership, and Mental Health: The Duty to Care for our employees. These subjects aim to foster a culture of empathetic thought and ethical decision-making in law enforcement.

Participants also utilize tools like the California Psychological Inventory 260, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the Intercultural Conflict Inventory to self-assess and develop a deep understanding of their leadership styles and potential areas for growth.

With Dallas PD taking the lead, ILEA's innovative leadership training is set to inspire higher standards in policing across the nation, reinforcing the role of leadership as the backbone of effective law enforcement. The graduation ceremony on June 16 offers an opportunity to see the impact of this program first-hand. Sheriff Marian Brown of the Dallas County Sheriff's Department is the confirmed graduation speaker.

Media is invited to cover the Texas Command Leadership Academy graduation on June 16. For more information on media availability or the ILEA Texas Command Leadership Academy and the Dallas Police Department's involvement, please get in touch with Karla Lárraga, CAIL's communications officer.

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About the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration - The Institute for Law Enforcement Administration was founded in Dallas, Texas, in 1957 as a division of The Center for American and International Law, a nonprofit educational institution for lawyers, judges, and law enforcement professionals. ILEA has a well-established reputation as a leader in policing education in the United States and worldwide through innovative professional development, continuing education, and ethics/ethical decision-making programs that prepare law enforcement leaders to thrive in times of calm and during moments of crisis.