Judy Pal Set to Receive the 2023 Gary W. Sykes Award for Professional Achievement

The Institute for Law Enforcement Administration (ILEA), a division of The Center for American and International Law (CAIL) proudly announces Judy Pal as the recipient of the Gary W. Sykes Award for Professional Achievement in Law Enforcement. The award will be presented on October 26 during ILEA’s Contemporary Issues and Ethics Conference at CAIL’s education center in Plano, TX.

"Judy Pal's experience and expertise has significantly shaped the development of hundreds of public information officers and chief executives in our profession throughout the United States and Canada, underscoring the indispensable role of adept communication within our field, especially during crises” commented Gregory Smith, Director of ILEA. “Her exemplary career contributions and leadership serve as a beacon of professional excellence in our industry as well as any other."

Since its inception in 2012, the Gary W. Sykes Award has honored individuals who have profoundly influenced the criminal justice profession. Awardees with at least a decade dedicated to the field are recognized for instigating pivotal organizational change and propelling the profession forward. Furthermore, these individuals, while contributing professionally, are deeply embedded in community service and civic activities, emerging as role models who inspire law enforcement officers, support personnel, criminal justice professionals, and citizens with their integrity and unwavering dedication.

About Judy Pal - With over three decades of management and public relations experience spanning public safety, government, and the entertainment industry in Canada and the United States, Judy Pal has skillfully maneuvered through critical issues ranging from police misconduct and international scandals to terrorism. With foundational experience in professional sports and broadcast journalism with the Edmonton Oilers and Global Television, Pal has successfully managed crisis communications and public relations in various law enforcement agencies, notably implementing a public trust restoration plan for the Atlanta Police Department, enhancing the image of Atlantic Canada's largest police department, and joining NYPD as an Assistant Commissioner. Previous roles include Director of Operations and instructor at the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (FBI-LEEDA), Chief of Staff with the Baltimore Police Department, and Operations Director with Kroll Security Group, where she worked with international clients, including the Government of Chile and the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service. Additionally, Pal, a recipient of several communication project awards, has contributed academically as an adjunct professor at Mount Saint Vincent University and author in industry publications, consolidating her influential presence in media relations, crisis communications, and public relations.


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