ITA Americas Initiative Dialogues 


“Arbitration: ESG in practice, why does it matter?”

ESG and broader sustainability concerns are becoming one of the most defining topics of our time.  

Demands are being made by shareholders, investors, regulators, and employees among others for companies to address ESG factors and risks as part of their business strategy. It is increasingly important for arbitration practioners to be prepared and understand challenges being faced by their clients and stakeholders in order to address and effectively resolve disputes.

The first online program series of the Americas Initiative Dialogues will address the topic through discussions with different market stakeholders focused on the Americas.

In four webinars moderated by arbitration practitioners, panelists across a range of sectors will discuss their journey in adapting and innovating their businesses in order to integrate ESG policies and sustainability practices and the main challenges they have faced.

Elina Mereminskaya, Chair | ITA Americas Initiative
Montserrat Manzano, Programs Vice Chair | ITA Americas Initiative