Schools of Police Supervision - Graduates

The Institute for Law Enforcement Administration at the Center for American and International Law are proud to announce the recent graduation of two schools of police supervision. Using ILEA’s traditional format, the 108th School of Police Supervision (SPS) graduated twenty-nine first line and mid-level supervisors from a variety of agencies throughout the United States. The 108th began their instruction on October 1, 2012 and concluded with graduation on October 26th.

108th School of Police Supervision Graduates

The 107th School of Police Supervision used an experimental format where these supervisors attended class for one week per month over a four month period. The high quality of training was maintained while this format was designed to reduce the burden of having a supervisor gone for training for a solid one month period. This format was subjected to intense evaluation to determine its potential for continued use in the future. Additionally, the 107th SPS was taught in conjunction with ILEA’s partners at Tarrant County College at the TCC’s Alliance training and education facility.  Twenty-seven first and mid-level supervisors were graduated from this training on November 30, 2012.


107th School of Police Supervision Graduates

The SPS focuses on assisting the new or even seasoned first line supervisor in making the transition to the first level of management in a police organization. Management style, basic principles of leadership, human relationship issues, ethics and diversity and more are examples of some of the topics covered in the School of Police Supervision. Healthy, well-functioning police departments all share one common element, great first line and mid-level supervisors. See the SPS section of our web page for more information on this significant ILEA offering.