2013 Ethical Achievement Award

Participants of ILEA’s Ethics Train-the-Trainer Course to be held on September 9-13, 2013 will have the opportunity to attend a special award luncheon.

Over 20 years ago The Meadows Foundation, a Dallas based philanthropic organization founded in 1948, provided a substantial grant for ILEA to establish the Center for Law Enforcement Ethics. The Center was the earliest ethics education program in the United States dedicated exclusively to the law enforcement community. Over the past twenty years the Center has promoted the ethics dialogue in law enforcement in the U.S., Canada and a host of other countries. It is estimated that over this same time period, the Center has educated over 12,000 police trainers to deliver three different ethics curricula for police organizations. 

The Annual Ethical Achievement Award given by ILEA acknowledges the significant role a person or organization has played in promoting ethical decision-making in the law enforcement community. We are proud to have selected The Meadows Foundation as our 2013 honoree in recognition of the generous funding that enabled the ethics dialogue to be promoted nationally and internationally for over 20 years.