The ILEA and CAIL family mourns with Dallas

Dear Friends:

It is with heavy hearts that we write to express our condolences and support over the atrocities that happened yesterday evening in Dallas.

This morning, 5 of our brothers and sisters in law enforcement are dead and another 7 are injured along with at least 2 civilians as the result of a despicable act during what was planned as a peaceful protest.

Full details of the attack have not yet been released, nor do we know the names of all the fallen and wounded. In the coming days of uncertainty, we hope you will find solice in knowing that your ILEA family mourns with you.

With you in sorrow,

Gregory Smith, M.A.
Director, Institute for Law Enforcement Administration
and Vice President
The Center for American and International Law

Michael J. Marchand, MG, USA (Ret.)
The Center for American and International Law