ILEA Presents Award for Professional Achievement in Law Enforcement to David James

The Gary W. Sykes Professional Achievement in Law Enforcement award is presented to a person that has been instrumental in bringing about significant organizational change for the good of the profession; is significantly involved in community service and civic activities; and is a role model to law enforcement officers, support personnel, criminal justice professionals, and citizens.

No one fits that criteria better than this year’s recipient, David N. James. 

David is a 21 year veteran of the Dallas Police Department who became the Chief of Police for the Carrollton, Texas Police Department in 1994 and served in that capacity for 15 and a half years before retiring in 2010. 

But retirement for David did not mean no longer working.  David continues to work tirelessly in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area, in Texas and throughout this country, teaching and consulting on organizational development and leadership principals.  David is perhaps best known for his lectures and teachings on Servant Leadership.  Through his example and instruction, he has helped numerous organizations transform their culture to organizations focused on the growth of people and the organization’s impact on a more caring and just society,

Community service has always been part of David’s life.  He has been a leader for the Boy Scouts of America since the 1980’s, has served his church and community for many years and continues to do so today.   

David has been an instructor for ILEA since 1986, probably longer than most of his current students have been in law enforcement.  His ideas, concepts, beliefs and philosophies are a testament to his tenure and relevance as an effective instructor, advisor, and professional law enforcement practitioner.

David is a mentor to many in the law enforcement profession.  He has built a legacy of service to others.  Indeed, service, justice, and fundamental fairness are the foundational principles which form David James’ character and professional ethics. 

ILEA is proud to present Chief David N. James with the 2017 Gary W. Sykes Professional Achievement in Law Enforcement award.

Congratulations David James!