ILEA Director Gregory Smith quoted in the Texas Jewish Post

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum is in a unique position to add to the conversation about police behavior through its ongoing partnership with the Anti-Defamation League.

Since 2016, the DHHRM has presented with the ADL the Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons from the Holocaust program, designed 20 years ago by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the ADL.

“The history of the Holocaust includes police officers; ordinary, everyday men. Soldiers were not alone in carrying out so many deaths and we ask ‘Could it happen here?’” said Gregory Smith, director of the Institute for Law Enforcement Administration (LEAS) in Plano, a division of the Center for American and International Law. “Everyone is responsible for the decisions they make and we want to help officers by providing tools to access when ethical dilemmas arise so they will make the decision to stand tall, rather than give in,” said Smith. LEAS is an extension of educational visits ILEA has made to the Museum since 2005. “We want to empower their decision making.” Smith brings 400-500 officers a year to the DHHRM.

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